Natural Motion Creations Photography uses a genre intended to convey appreciation of different eye-catching landscapes within the natural beauty of Santa Cruz County and other places I have traveled around the world. I use the latest professional high-resolution digital equipment to produce the finest quality images possible. My unique photos are produced in a variety of sizes and mediums such as metal, traditional frame and mat, and high gloss vinyl material that is carefully wrapped around lightweight foam and gator board to create the effect of an endless photo. My panoramic photographs have been known to provide viewers with lines that lead them into an image of depth, scale and point of interest. My passion is creating unique and beautiful images that are eye-catching and colorful. The clothing line is always evolving with new graphic styles and fabrics that are unique and original. I will also team up with other artists to collaborate on new designs to take the line to the next level. I really appriteate all the support from my family and friends who have helped me evolve as an artist. Please feel free to comment on the page or email me anytime. Thank You.

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